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Evolving Media with The Broadcast Image Group
AM Anchor
Top 20 Midwest station needs engaging anchors who can share their morning with viewers and connect with the community.
Alert Desk Anchor
Top 20 Midwest station needs an alert desk anchor who can navigate the immediacy of today's breaking news and connect with viewers through social media
Anchor / Reporter
Top 50 Southeast station needs a talented communicator who can both anchor and report.
GA Reporter
Top 20 Midwest station is in search of a reporter who can easily move between breaking news and feature stories and everything in between.
Top 20 Midwest station is searching for an MMJ who loves the challenge of doing it all for each of their stories.
Investigative Reporter
Investigative reporter needed for a top 50 Southeast station. Computer Assisted Reporting skills a must.
Investigative Producer
Top 10 Southwest station needs an investigative producer to develop promotable investigative stories and create memorable storytelling.
Digital Executive Producer
Top 30 Midwest station is searching for an innovative digital executive producer who can manage a team & grow & engage the digital audience.

The Producing Strategy 2.0 will help you understand your customer in an information-to-go economy. This innovative approach will help you produce compelling newscasts and identify ways to use new media platforms to impact your television news customers. It’s a great read for everyone, not just newscast producers.


Today, your newscasts compete with hundreds of new media alternatives. Television is a "push" business in a "pull" world where your customers are totally in charge.  Using The Producing Strategy, you must compel your customers to make an appointment to watch your news and stick with it.

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